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New to Pure Movement Pilates?

Welcome to Pure Movement Pilates and to your new journey of wellness and health!   A new wellness program begins with a single conception:  the discovery of a better you inside and out.

Here at Pure Movement Pilates, we’re ready to strengthen and build your body to your ideal form, with our comprehensively trained instructors. Whether your goal  is to recover following an injury, surgery, or from everyday aches and pains, or to be able to cross train for your next marathon, Pure Movement offers highly trained professionals prepared to work with any body type in a pleasant, calming atmosphere, ideal for focusing on your body and relaxing your mind.

Introductory Offer:  Pilates Private and Assessment for $35


The discipline of Pilates can change your life, but not before addressing the individualized fundamentals of proper form and movement.  This is especially true in terms of  injury recovery.  Learning the basics is extremely important, as Pilates is unlike any fitness modality you’ve tried before.  Intro privates will give you the best foundation for future group classes and sessions.  Students who take the time in the beginning to invest in initial private sessions see the best results when participating in group classes, as both the instructors and the students are more aware of what individualized needs require more focus and attention.

Before visiting our studio, please read our FAQ’s page with instructions on what to wear and what to expect.  Must purchase online for deal, first time clients only.

New to our Functional Fitness Program?

Functional Fitness classes offer the Pilates principles in a creative and unique class form.  Our classes are like nothing you’ve ever done before in a workout while still combining personalized sessions in a smaller group setting.  There’s something for everyone in this more affordable class format!

Our Functional Fitness classes do not require previous experience, but may require general physical fitness.  This means that participants with physical impairments, prior injuries, or who are recovering from surgeries may be physically prohibited from engaging in high energy, cardio, leg burning workouts.  If you have concerns, please contact us to discuss further.

Introductory Offer:  Five Functional Fitness Classes for $35

Barre:  Get your leg warmers and sweat bands, barre workouts are the latest trend in fitness and a perfect complement to a Pilates, yoga or group exercise program. Unlike other barre workouts, our classes are still dynamic and fun; the classes rely on foundational Pilates movement principles, promoting balanced movement as well as joint and muscular safety. Barre classes synergize traditional ballet barre movements with Pilates to form a fun high energy calorie burning cardio workout. You’ll leave feeling toned and tightened in your legs, glutes, and arms through fun and full beat music.




Bodhi:  The Bodhi rope suspension system and core strengthening method are an eclectic mixture of conventional strength training, Pilates and rehabilitative exercises, and stretches all supported and challenged by utilizing four adjustable ropes with multiple attachments. These are designed to serve all strengthening, flexibility, and cross training needs for any activity or sport. Appropriate for anyone with movement experience.






Apparatus Circuit:  Circuit classes at Pure Movement combine cardio, aerobics, and strengthening on the Pilates apparatus.  In one class, you’ll complete up to 30 exercises on the reformer, chair, trapeze table, and more for a high intensity class.








Apprentice Reformer: Looking for a good price on a traditional Reformer class?  Our apprentice is completing hours for her full certification, offering classes at a lower price.  Good for beginners and those looking to add more variety to their workout!





Classes for special must be used within one month subsequent to purchase.  Please check our schedule to make sure our class times match with your schedule needs prior to purchasing.  Must purchase online for deal, first time clients only.




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