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Pilates Group Equipment Classes

Please note that completion of the Introduction to Equipment Pilates Series is required before entering any equipment classes.

Group equipment classes are a great way for you to add another workout to your Pilates routine. They are cost effective and allow you to further practice what are learning in your private instruction. Exercises will focus on alignment, muscle balance, core strengthening, shoulder and pelvic stability and balance providing you with the essential movements and understanding of the Pilates’ work. The classes are invigorating, fun and adaptive to meet each student’s needs.

Participation is limited to 4 (5 for Gyrokinesis) students so that our instructors can focus on proper form and alignment. Payment for classes is due at the beginning of the 8 week session. It is recommended to sign up in advance to reserve your space in the classes of your choice. We have packages of 8, 16 and 24 classes. Purchase the package that best fits your budget and schedule being mindful to get all your classes in during the current 8 week session. You can use your class package for either Pilates equipment or Gyrokinesis classes.


While seated on low stools, participants mobilize the spine through a series of arching, curling, bending, twisting and spiraling movements.  These same movement patterns are expanded to release the hip, knee, hamstring, quadriceps, and so on, in all possible directions: front, back, twisting and turning.  All Gyrokinesis classes, from beginner to advanced, encompass not only sitting but also laying and standing positions.


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