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pilates mat, price, nine key Pilates principle methods, abdominal muscles, whole body movement, relaxationPilates on the mat is the floor work version of the Pilates method. Mat classes take place in a group class setting and use your body weight as the primary use of resistance.  

All movements are precise originating from your “core” or deepest abdominal muscles that stabilize and support your spine, pelvis and posture.  Stretching and strengthening movements result in a more flexible spine with ideal posture and movement of the body. 

Classes focus around the nine key Pilates principle methods (breathing, concentration,  control, centering, precision, balanced muscle development, rhythm/flow, whole body movement, and relaxation) with modifications and alternations to fit each student’s individual needs.   

Pilates Mat Price

Prices are $15/Drop In, or $120 for a 10 pack ($3 savings per class.)   Unlimited monthly mat memberships are also available for $59.99 per month.




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