Interview with Tresa Meussling

Pure Movement: What originally drew you to Pilates?

Tresa Meussling

Tresa Meussling

Tresa:  Back in day, I was a dancer obsessed with the craft. I loved being on stage and I did anything I could to make myself better — thus, I became passionately dedicated to Pilates. Pilates in the early 2000′s was emerging as a very popular cross-training method, especially for dancers, as it created long lean muscles without adding bulk. Dancers are very concerned about staying slim, but still need strength for movement. So, I could have my cake, and literally eat it too, as long as I kept up with Pilates. There were several summers I stuck to a regime of two hours in the morning, and an hour in the evening.

PM: How did you get started in teaching? 

Tresa:  I had taken a break from dance a few years after I entered college, and again, obsessed with maintaining a dancer’s strength, enrolled in a comprehensive teaching program for Pilates. I had actually never intended to teach, only learn as much as I could, and get back to dancing as quickly as possible. People, myself included, often think that going through a teachers training is just learning exercises, but it’s so much more than that — the exercises are actually a small part of it. Aside from anatomy, equipment safety, etc., communication of movement is a huge focus — and often more difficult to learn.

PM:  What’s your favorite thing about running a business in Fort Wayne?

Tresa:  I love being part of a city that’s growing — I feel as if downtown is on the verge of something truly great, and it has been a pleasure to be part of that. Being involved with the downtown scene has been one of the most fun and interesting things in my three years of running Pure Movement. Plus, I love being able to walk to Tincaps games during the summer!

PM: What would you tell someone who wanted to try a therapeutic method of exercise, like Pilates?

Tresa:  I am blown away every day in this studio and in this industry with how many lives Pilates has changed through therapeutic back-to-basics movement. I can’t emphasize how earnest this is true. Pilates allows individuals, who have suffered with pain for years, move again in a way they never thought they would again. Instructors who have dedicated themselves to becoming as skilled as possible in this wonderful method of bio mechanics can make real world differences.

So, what would I recommend? I’d say first drop the prejudices that Pilates is only for fit people, or that Pilates isn’t for you — it is for EVERYONE. It can help that low back pain, it can help mobilize your shoulder, and it can make your body more balanced than you ever thought possible. Yes, it is for you, and you’ll never know unless you try!


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