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Private & Semi-Private Sessions

Private sessions are the most efficient way of progressing in Pilates or Gyrotonic.

When working one-on-one, we are able to customize each workout to suit your individual needs; whether you are rehabilitating from injury, wanting to correct poor posture patterns, strengthen specific weaknesses, gain a competitive edge as an athlete or just alleviating muscle imbalances and stress.

Private instruction is especially ideal for those who have specific back issues, hip/knee pain, rehabilitation needs, osteoporosis, or extremely poor flexibility and for those who strongly wish to heal and strengthen their bodies. In fact we highly recommend private instruction for all students who has any special considerations or injuries.

We also offer semi-private sessions for those who have a partner or two who want to share the commitment, the fun, the work and the cost. A duet consists of 2 students with one instructor and a trio would be 3 students with one instructor. Working together with one instructor you and your partners can share your experiences, meet challenges and achieve your goals together.

We always recommend that anyone new to Pilates complete our Introduction to Equipment Pilates series in order to grasp the basics of the Pilates principles and become acquainted with the equipment. Once you have completed the introductory series we will be able to tailor your ongoing sessions to meet your personal needs and goals.

During your private or semi-private equipment session, you will get to experience the full range of equipment, which include the Reformer, Cadillac, Tower, Combo Chair, Ladder Barrel as well as a host of small apparatus.

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